Broken Heel Repair

No need to throw away those broken high heels, we can repair heels very easily in store.

Sole Repair Replacement

We can repair you most used shoes in no time. Good shoes are made so that the old soles can be easily removed and replaced by an expert.

Patching and Stitching

If your shoes have worn or the stitching on your shoes has deteriorated we can repair that for you and stitch and patch up your shoe.

Who we are

Established in 1991, we are an independent, family-run business based in the heart of Cardiff. Using traditional skills and craftsmanship, combined with modern techniques and materials, to provide a premium shoe repair service.

Expert Shoe Repair Service

We’ve worked on every kind of footwear possible – from the finest handmade brogues, high-end stilettos, orthopedic shoes and even ugg boots.

We can repair shoes split backs, back linings, insoles, toe pieces, stretching, snapped elastic, replace eyelets, repair/replace zips, repair/replace buckles and almost any other type of shoe repair.

Next Steps…

Good customer service is at the core of our business, from the warm welcome to the painstaking attention to detail. We try to give every customer an unrivalled repair and alteration service.