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The Canton Cobbler Other Services

As well as being one of Cardiffs best shoe repairers and key cutters, we also offer a few other services.

Watch Repair

We can repair watches right in front of you in store. Most of the time the watch will only need a simple battery replacement that can be done in minutes. But we can also repair watch straps or replace watch straps for you. So if you need watch repairs in Cardiff visit our shop and we'll sort you out.

Bracelet Adjustment

We have many people coming in with new bracelets as gifts that are too big for them. Our staff can remove a link from you watch, chain or bracelet so that it fits your wrist much better. We are one of the few cobblers to offer bracelet adjustment in Cardiff and have loads of experience, so you can trust us with your valuable jewellery.

Shoe Stretching

This seems like a strange service to offer, but you'd be surprised at how many people need their shoes stretched. Many people can't seem to fit in old shoes for one reason or another and need the shoes stretched just a little bit so that they can fit. The Canton Cobbler has the solution with our shoe stretching service. We have a specialised machine that can stretch almost any shoe without damaging the shoes. We are one of the only shops that do shoe stretching in Cardiff.
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